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Addition & Reduction Hand-building with Textural Slabs!

Bryan Hopkins is coming to teach us all things porcelain, plus. This workshop will have a hands on emersive portion that we have all been waiting on.  Learn how to make translucent porcelain do what you want (most of the time) and how to build with thin poured slip slabs. He covers using a mold, slip slab building, hand-building, and throwing — he literally does it all. New work includes black porcelain, clay inclusions, and locally dug clay usage and discussion and understanding of drippy lustres.

**Erin cannot wait for this workshop as Bryan is hilariously entertaining and his work is incredibly inspirational.  


Rescheduled Date: Saturday, August 7th 9am-4pm – Sunday, August 8th 10am-3pm 2021

Slide Show Friday, August 6th 6-8pm


Cost: $200 includes materials

Chances are this workshop will go, but will be limited to how many people and masks properly worn at all times.

Cancellation up to 30 days prior to workshop with store credit; 50% retained with cancellations after July1st; 50% retained week of workshop.