7 Slot Bead Rack w/7 6″ wires$35.70 (sku: 6476)

The Star Bead Rack is a great solution for glaze-firing beads, ornaments, etc. It is quite versatile and will save you space inside your kiln. Simply place glazed pieces on the metal wires, then place the entire rack into the kiln.

This rack is composed of two durable pressed stoneware supports with seven 6″ nichrome wires. These heavy gauge wires can be staggered to accommodate different size pieces and can withstand multiple firings. We recommend these 6″ wires for firing heavier items. If you are only firing lightweight pieces and need to accommodate more items, we suggest using the longer, 10″ replacement wires.

The Star Bead Rack measures approximately 8″ in height.

Maximum firing temperature is Cone 10 (2400 F).