SKUTT Kiln KM 1027 1PH 240V$3,195.00 $2,875.50 (sku: )



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Model 1027-3″ available by special order. Call for more information.

Touchscreen Upgrade(KMT): +$200

APM Element Upgrade: +$650

Sale Price Reflect 10% off Local Delivery – $2,875.50

In Store Pickup Price $15 off- $2,715.75

Can be ordered and shipped out of our delivery zone or nationwide nut must call store for more information.

The KM1027 has everything most potters need in a kiln. The chamber size is tall enough to fire a 23″ tall pot and wide enough to hold a 21″ platter. It comes standard with the smartest controller on the market (it will even calculate your cost of firing) and has a lid lifter to boot! Click on the tabs above to find out more.

Rolling Stand Option

8-sided kilns: $300

10-sided kilns: $345

12-sided kilns: $355

16-sided kilns: $425

GlazeTech (elevated): $345