Delivery & Service Areas

Zone A: FREE DELIVERY on purchases of $650.00 or more
Zone B: FREE DELIVERY on purchases of $850.00 or more
Zone C: FREE DELIVERY on purchases of $1,000.00 or more
Zone D: FREE DELIVERY on purchases of $1,850.00 or more
Beyond Zone D: Please call for a quote or more information.

Delivery Charges for Orders Below Minimum:

Zone A: for delivery of orders less than $650: $65.00
Zone B: for delivery of orders less than $850: $85.00
Zone C: for delivery of orders less than $1,000: $115.00
Zone D: for delivery of orders less than $1,850: $145.00
Beyond Zone D: Less than $2,500: $175.00 (+)

Zones are approximate, see checkout for details.

Equipment Repair:


We service most electric kiln brands and are factory trained in L & L, AMACO/Excel, and Skutt. We can answer and troubleshoot almost any problem over the phone and help you learn to repair your kiln and maintain its service, however we do recommend coming in with the part you need to replace, and calling with all aspects of your kiln on hand: Brand, Type, Serial Number, Voltage, and Phase. This will allow us to provide proper estimations for repair and/or service charges.


We specialize in BRENT model wheels and have factory training for repairing and troubleshooting them. All other brands, we are able to assist in getting the proper parts in but do not work on them if they are not made in the United States.

Wheel Maintenance and Problem Prevention:

Always unplug your wheel when not in use, and get in the habit of placing the foot pedal on the wheel table work space. This will prevent any water from shorting out the control panel and keep electrical surges from blowing up the motor. Using a surge protector is smart, but for longer times between uses just unplug it.

When using a lot of water make sure you don’t fill your splash pan with it! Too much water collecting in the splash pan can go up and over the water guard under the wheel head and corrode the barings and also ruin the motor! Use less water, or soak up the excess with a sponge.

If you aren’t using your wheel on a regular basis, it is always great practice to turn it on occasionally and let it run full speed for a few minutes, this will knock off any motor dust and keep the barings well lubed. Spin the wheel head a little if it is really sitting for a long time and this will keep belt driven wheels from getting a flat spot in them causing a thumping sound which can also make the wheel “rock out of center” so to say.

Sticking to only one wheel per outlet helps keep the balance in the speed control and doesn’t overload the circuit.

Slab Rollers

BRENT slab rollers sometimes need the wires readjusted due to overuse/misuse and we can realign the wires for a nominal fee. Wires can fray from heavy, unattended use in school or art center setting and need to be replaced. We take care of that too!

Equipment Service Call Minimum Charges:

Zone A: $85.00
Zone B: $95.00
Zone C: $115.00
Zone D: $145.00

A service call is typically done to assess the problem of a piece of equipment. A 30 minute diagnostic is done and during that time if there is anything that can be done to fix the problem we take care of it at no extra charge but the parts. Anything over the 30 minute allowance is charged accordingly $75/hour for labor, rounded to the nearest quarter hour. If we need to come out to assess the problem, and then return at a later date for the repair, the service call charge is only charged once.  Typical kiln labor repair ranges between $200-$350 including the service call and labor. We also offer kiln maintenance protection plans, where we come out once a year and inspect the equipment which are set up based on the Zone and the amount of Equipment at each location. BRENT Wheels can also be on a maintenance protection plan.


We Bisque fire and Glaze fire by the quarter shelf for anyone who needs pieces either bisque or glaze fired (cone 6 max). Prices are as follows for Glaze or Bisque

$125 Full Kiln Load 21″x 25″

$65 Half Kiln Load 21″ x 12″

$45 Full Shelf 21″ diameter up to 10 inches high

$25 Half Shelf

$15 Quarter Shelf

By the piece:

$0.06/cubic inch HxWxL for Lowfire Glaze and Bisque

$0.10/cubic inch HxWxL for Cone 5/6 Glaze

$5 minimum on all pieces

$15 per piece added to sculptural items that need to be preheated for longer than 2 hours. Up to 48 hour preheat available.