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Owned & Operated by Potters for Potters
Owned & Operated by Potters for Potters

DC Pottery Trimming Spinners

Original price $6.00 - Original price $12.00
Original price
$6.00 - $12.00
Current price $6.00

The handy Pottery Trimming Spinner is a great tool for any ceramic artist! This simple and genius little tool helps stabilize your piece and disperses downward pressure to keep thin-walled pieces from collapsing. The colored lines on the spinner also make convenient division hash marks


  • No moving parts
  • Foam rubber backing grips the spinner to a piece being trimmed on a wheel
  • Use one hand for trimming, then place a finger of your other hand in the spinner’s concave center, helping to stabilize the piece
  • String or fishing line looped through the center hole can extend to mark lines on a piece instead of using a laser