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Owned & Operated by Potters for Potters
Owned & Operated by Potters for Potters

Workshop with Simon Levin with optional upgrade experience with Lisa Orr Rocket Kiln Firing

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$195.00 - $245.00
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Demonstration Workshop with Simon Levin.  Simon has been working in clay for over 30 years and has trained 23 potters in his apprenticeship program, created content videos for Ceramics Art Network, form Director at Large for the National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts (NCECA) and founder of a mentorship program called Cohorts.Art.  This workshop will lend to his tricks to creating beautiful functionally sound wood fired pots.  Other than fabulous stories of the people he has collaborated with, including Vigil Ortiz, he will have all sorts of inspiring new ways of creating classic forms in a contemporary style. 

Add the Rocket Kiln Firing with Lisa Orr for $50 more!  This will be for workshop participants only.  

Wood Fired Rocket Kiln Workshop Description

 Join us as we build and fire a low-fuel, low emission Rocket Kiln using scavenged materials to achieve low, midrange or high fire in just a few hours using the wood from several split-up pallets. Using small-diameter wood stoked vertically, the rocket kiln’s uniquely efficient “j-tube” design features turbulent air currents that creates thorough combustion of all the released wood gases and cleanly fires wares - producing no visible smoke and using one-fourth or less of the fuel used in a typical wood firing. Smoke and fire are not visible during firing and neighbors are not disturbed by firing activity. A potter with access to a few firebricks, a kiln shell, a simple portable chimney, and dry scrap wood such as pallets can finish small loads on their own schedule using this fast firing design. Like a portable raku kiln, it can be placed in an urban driveway, art center, or off-grid studio. 

While this kiln fires easily in oxidation, wood-fire expert Simon Levin will give advice on techniques try so that we can achieve some beautiful atmospheric markings on our pottery.  Bring several pots to test fire in this exciting, new type of wood kiln!  We will be firing to cone 10-11.

Firing on June 21st during the day after we build the kiln and then loading again for one more firing in the evening on the 22nd.  Bring two pieces made with cone 10 clay.  

June 21st-23rd in 2024

No experience necessary.  

All materials included.  

Lunch is ordered from Warehouse 4 down so bring cash, or you can pack your own. There are also a dozen more restaurants and fast food near our shop.   

Many hotels in the area if you are coming from out of state.  Fly into Dayton International Airport.  

Slide Show Friday, June 21st Night 6-8pm 

Saturday, June 22nd 9am-4pm

Sunday, June 23rd 10am-3pm

**Refund Policy on Workshops: Before May 24th prior to workshop full refund.  Before June 7th,  50% refund, unless the spot is filled from someone on the waiting list.   

Material: Workshop plus the participation in the Rocket Firing Kiln with Lisa Orr